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本文摘要:This is no cold fish!

This is no cold fish!这不是一条冰冷热带鱼!This opah is about as close to a full-body warm-blooded fish as science has yet discovered. Here, biologist Nick Wegner prepares to insert a temperture sensor into the animal’s pectoral muscles. The device will record internal and external temperatures following the fish’s release.这条月鱼就像还并未被科学家探寻到的全身恒温鱼类。这里生物学家Nick Wegner打算在这条鱼的胸肌处植入一个温度传感器,这一装置将在这条鱼弥漫热量的时候记录下身体内外的温度。Fish as a rule stay the temperature of the water around them. Not the opah. As it hunts in the ocean’s dark depths, this fish keeps much of its body distinctly warmer than the frigid water around it. That makes this species the closest of any fish to the warm-bloodedness typical of birds and mammals.一般来说,鱼类体温皆不会与其周围水温维持同等温度,而月鱼是个值得注意。当它泛舟向深海中猎食时,它的体温将比周围冰冷的水温低一些。


这一情况使得这一种类的鱼相比其他鱼类最相似恒温动物特征,如鸟类和哺乳类。The opah (Lampris guttatus) is about the size of a car tire and almost as round. That shape helps explain why the opah is sometimes called a moonfish. This animal swims by using its large pectoral muscles to move its skinny, red pectoral fins. Those muscles also produce a lot of heat.月鱼大小约摸一个小汽车轮胎大,完全是圆的,这乃是月鱼另一个名称----翻车鱼的来源。月鱼在泛舟的时候通过其胸肌的力量来造就胸鳍,这些肌肉也不会协助月鱼产生热量。